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WIne Travel: Tuscany Summer 2020

Join me and my co-host Carmen Gomez next July for an all-inclusive and very exclusive week of drinking, discussing and delighting in Tuscan wine!


What better way to learn about Tuscan wine than to drink it in situ? We created this unique travel experience after years of fielding requests from friends, colleagues and family members who wanted to know what to do, where to go and especially what to eat and drink in Italy. Our itineraries are carefully curated and designed around enological experiences: guests stay with us in a luxurious Tuscan villa from which we depart on daily excursions to learn about the deep history and rich culture of Tuscany through wine.

In summer 2020 we will have TWO weeks available!

If you’d like to reserve a place for summer 2020 please email


Danielle Callegari, Ph.D., CSW

You know me! I’m the doctor (of Italian and wine, that is), and here’s your chance to spend a week with me talking Tuscan wine, culture and history as we taste our way through some of the most spectacular bottles made in a region that has been producing wine since before Dante was writing poetry. I’ll provide a series of private tastings, accompany you on visits to my favorite hard to find wineries, and lead tours through ancient city centers.


Carmen Gomez, Ph.D.

Now a lecturer at UC Davis with a Ph.D. in Italian Studies, Carmen spent years living and working in Tuscany as an eno-gastronomic tour guide for chefs, industry reps and passionate students before embarking on her academic career. She specializes in contemporary Italian literature and gender studies with a focus on food and wine, and in addition to knowing her way around a bottle, she knows Tuscany like the back of her hand.

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