The Cabinet

of Dr. Callegari

Judge for Yourselves, Step into my cabinet...



Who is the doctor?

Danielle Callegari opened The Cabinet because it pained her to watch her friends drink bad wine. After she received her Ph.D. in Italian Studies with a specialization in the history of food and wine, she spent several years living and working in Europe, primarily in Florence, Italy. When she returned to the US she turned her focus to wine, becoming a Certified Specialist of Wine and a lecturer at the University of California. She now teaches Italian studies and the intersection of food and wine with politics, history and culture at UC Berkeley. She is the author of many scholarly articles, and she often gives academic talks on gastronomic history. 


What is The Cabinet?

The Cabinet is a place to find a solution for your drinking problem. Come inside to receive everything from carefully curated suggestions for your day to day wine purchases based on your tastes and values, to guidance for the beverage program at your next event, to specially designed tastings that focus on the history and culture of wine, to travel itineraries that take food and wine as the point of departure. 


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